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Hints and Tips

Cycling is beautiful, challenging and fun, practice it in Montaione in Tuscany becomes a unique experience. However, in order to better appreciate the paths you should follow some good rule to have fun safely.

Not all trails are flagged, so it is advisable to get well informed on the route chosen by downloading the route description and a map in .gpx format being careful to follow the directions of the text or of your satellite navigation system.

Here follow 10 tips for a correct and respectful use of the bicycle:

  • 1.Always wear a helmet. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, especially in Summer when it's hot, the helmet is an essential accessory that every good rider should wear because it can save your life in case of a fall.
  • 2.Find out about the chosen path and surrounding areas, make sure you have enough time to complete the entire route before nightfall. Do not stray from the path. It is useful to bring a compass and a cell phone, making sure that there is signal in the area where your path is.
  • 3.Be objective in judging your level of physical training before starting the route, and be aware of your physical limitations.
  • 4.Inform always someone else about the paths you intend to follow in the day, especially if you venture on your own.
  • 5.Always use extreme caution, especially moderating speed downhill and around corners, and always be ready to see any obstacles calculating a sufficient braking distance. The trails are also suitable for country walks or for trekking, so be careful for people walking.
  • 6.Bring plenty of water (or a supplement of salts) and snacks easy to eat to maintain a constant level of energy. Unless you are accompanied by an experienced guide, avoid eating the fruits of the forest and drink water from streams.
  • 7.Wear appropriate clothing with breathable fabric and especially appropriate to the temperatures of the period. Get ready to sudden storms, bringing a good raincoat.
  • 8.Check your bike before departure. In particular, check the tires because the rugged terrain may damage tem. The unexpected can always happen, so equip yourself with a repair kit for tires and some wrench.
  • 9.Be respectful of nature. Do not litter the streets or the trails in the country and avoid unnecessary noises.
  • 10.Always obey the signs, prohibitions and signs observing the highway code. Do not travel on trails or roads not signed.


It's all about mountainbiking in Tuscany

Leave the words aside, and let yourself be guided by emotions, feel small in the immensity of these areas and at the same time as if, for a moment, the world was yours, shrouded by that particular feeling of peace and being amazed by the beauty that only Tuscan countryside is able to give.

Need a bike?

Traditional or electric mountain bike? We have the right one for you!

If you are a real sportsman and you like to sweat and struggle to reach the top of a hill, rent a traditional mountain bike, but if you are not very fit, choose an e-mtb*where, thanks to the pedal assistance, you can face much longer distances with less stress.

Whatever your choice, you will be sure to have a quality, durable, safe and reliable bike ready to go for self guided or guided tour to discover the most remote and fascinating Tuscan countryside!

*Rental only combined with a guided tour.

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*For a minimum of 5 rental days.

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*Rate reserved for participants in a guided tours.

E-mtb BH Atom

*Rate reserved for participants in a guided tours

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E-mtb Scott Aspect e-ride

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MTB Guided Tours

Live a unique experience, choose to take a guided tour!

Safely accompanied by a qualified’s guide you will live each time a different experience: we'll show you the most beautiful green and peaceful landscapes, the rich history, passing between medieval villages, ancient churches, trees and lakes.

Finally, we will experience together the flavours of the typical produce of each unique territory

5 reasons to live Montaione
and the surrounding area by bicycle

For people like you who love a cycling holiday, just say that Montaione is located in the heart of Tuscany at a short distance to major attractions of the region, surrounded by beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes, it should already be enough to convince you to choose it as a right starting point.

But we want to give you another 5 good reasons why Montaione really worth to be choosen as a starting point for your next vacation on two wheels.

About me

With passion for outdoor sports since a young age and with an immense love for my country, I love to explore every corner of it, riding the mountain bike.

I want to show you the most special places, accompany you on the most interesting routes, to discover the colours, the flavors and stories of this part of Tuscany.


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Weather in Montaione

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Go. Ride. Explore. Enjoy.