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iBikeMontaione closes for the winter break.

We thank all customers who have relied on our services. We look forward to seeing you again in spring with lots of news and other wonderful rides together.



The submission of this form is only a request for participation at a guided tour. Any confirmation of the tour will be sent to you by iBikeMontaione’s staff.

Important things to know before you book a tour

Our guided mountain bike tours take place mainly on beautiful off-road routes, allowing us to reach places unreachable by any other means and to enjoy unique landscapes in contact with nature.
However, although they are relatively easy, they may have some more technical features that require a bit of technique when riding a mountain bike.

For these reasons, to participate in a guided tour, whether you choose to do it with a traditional or an electric mountain bike, it is necessary - in addition to being in good physical condition - to be able to ride a bicycle on dirt roads and to know the use of the gear and brakes.

  • Always choose clothing suitable for the type of route and weather conditions. The use of slippers or sandals is not allowed.
  • The water bottle is not supplied. It is therefore important to have a backpack to carry 1 or more bottles of water.
  • During the tours, the guide must not be exceeded.
  • Given the length of the tour, to participate, we recommend a good level of training, spirit of sacrifice and ability to pedal for long distances uphill.
  • Read also our tips to ride safely.

For this reason, a liability assumption will be required during the booking process of a guided tour.

General Terms
  • Payment in cash at the start of the tour. We do not accept credit cards.
  • For amounts equal to or exceeding € 200.00 is required a deposit of 20% to be paid by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the confirmation document that you will receive via email at time of reservation.
  • Reservation required within 48 hours (two days before the departure date of the tour).
  • Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult (parent / tutor)
  • iBikeMontaione reserves the right to change with or without notice, before and during the tour the logistical organisation and the type of route depending on the weather conditions, ability and preparation of the participants, or other problems.
  • If the weather is questionable, please send us an sms (if possible via Whatsup it's free!) at the number +39 346 7623211 one day prior to the start time to confirm the tour status.

To book a guided tour, please fill out the form below with your details (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required).

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For groups of more than 6 participants, please write us at
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For groups of more than 6 participants, please write us at
Indicates the total number of participants in this tour included you. (max 6 participants)(*)
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For groups of more than 6 participants, please write us at
Do you need a bike for this tour?

Click YES if you want to rent one or more bicycles for this guided tour and enter the required data.
In this case the rental price will be € 11,00/per bike (instead of € 22,00) and € 20,00/per e-bike. The bike will be delivered at the time of departure and pick up at the end of the tour.
Click on NO if you already have your bike.

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Bicycles and additional services
Kind of bike(*)
Choose if you want a traditional MTB or an electric one
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Indicates the total number of bicycles that you want to rent.
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Height of cyclists(*)
Specific for each bike the height in cm. of cyclists separating the data with a comma. (Ex. 176.178, etc ...)
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Number of helmets(*)
Indicates the total number of helmets.
It is usually equal to the number of bicycles rented
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Delivery terms
In this case the bike will be delivered at the start and retired at the end of the tour.
Damage insurance(*)
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Assumption of responsibility
I, the undersigned, confirm that all participants in this tour *:
- are in good physical condition.
- know the correct functioning of the brakes and the gearbox of a mountain bike.
- can ride a mountain bike off-road.

Each participant in the tour takes responsibility for any damage that may happen to people and things, including the rented material and any accessories supplied.

I confirm that I have read the "important things to know before booking a tour" and accept the "general conditions" shown at the top of this page.

*The liability clause must be signed before the departure of the tour. In the event that one or more participants do not comply with the above mentioned requirements, the guide - for safety reasons - reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the tour at any time. No refunds will be due.
Assumption of responsibility(*)
You must accept all responsibilities
Additional requests
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Clicking on "Book this tour" you confirm that you have read the important things to know before booking a guided tour and you agree to the terms and conditions.


It's all about mountainbiking in Tuscany

Leave the words aside, and let yourself be guided by emotions, feel small in the immensity of these areas and at the same time as if, for a moment, the world was yours, shrouded by that particular feeling of peace and being amazed by the beauty that only Tuscan countryside is able to give.

Need a bike?

Traditional or electric mountain bike? We have the right one for you!

If you are a real sportsman and you like to sweat and struggle to reach the top of a hill, rent a traditional mountain bike, but if you are not very fit, choose an e-mtb*where, thanks to the pedal assistance, you can face much longer distances with less stress.

Whatever your choice, you will be sure to have a quality, durable, safe and reliable bike ready to go for self guided or guided tour to discover the most remote and fascinating Tuscan countryside!

*Rental only combined with a guided tour.

Mtb Scott Aspect

*For a minimum of 5 rental days.

E-mtb BH Xenion

*Rate reserved for participants in a guided tours.

E-mtb BH Atom

*.Rate reserved for participants in a guided tours

5 reasons to live Montaione
and the surrounding area by bicycle

For people like you who love a cycling holiday, just say that Montaione is located in the heart of Tuscany at a short distance to major attractions of the region, surrounded by beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes, it should already be enough to convince you to choose it as a right starting point.

But we want to give you another 5 good reasons why Montaione really worth to be choosen as a starting point for your next vacation on two wheels.

About me

With passion for outdoor sports since a young age and with an immense love for my country, I love to explore every corner of it, riding the mountain bike.

I want to show you the most special places, accompany you on the most interesting routes, to discover the colours, the flavors and stories of this part of Tuscany.


Make perfect your look with gadgets and the official accessories by Scott and iBikeMontaione!

Enjoy the style of iBikeMontaione even when you get off the bike.

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Go. Ride. Explore. Enjoy.