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Land of Pisa

Volterra and the old railway line of Saline

34,6 km
Difficulty ¹
Min. Participants ²
Elevation gain uphill
686 mt.
Rate per person
Tour rate
Mtb guided tour rates*

Volterra and the old railway line of Saline

Without wine tasting
If you just like to enjoy the ride and the landscape
from 4 and more participants € 45

* Rates are per participants

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Mtb € 26 -50% € 13/ per bike
E-Mtb € 48 -50%€ 24/ per bike
Helmet (optional) Free/ per helmet
Damage insurance (Mtb) € 3/ per bike
Damage insurance (e-Mtb) € 5/ per bike

Up to 4 mtb delivery at the starting of the tour and pick up at the end of the tour for free. For more than 4 mtb please request a quote.

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Tour data length and elevation gain uphill are indicative and may vary according to the instrument or application used for the measurement.
¹ Legend to difficulty levels of guided tours.
Legend to difficulty levels of guided tours

The  tour difficulty is primarily a subjective factor, determined by different elements and from never equal situations.

The most important of them is the effort: the more the climbs are high, the more effort is made.
But climbs are not all the same: they can be more or less steep and of variable length.

To get an idea of ​​how many climbs are waiting for you on a tour, you should check the "elevation gain uphill". The higher the "elevation gain uphill" is the higher the number of climbs you have to face.

Another element that can make a tour more or less difficult is the climate and in particular - in summer time - the exposure to the sun.
Doing the same path in autumn or spring with 20/25 degrees is completely different if done in summer with 35 degrees.

In addition to the temperature, even the humidity, the presence of shade and the road surface can increase (even in the worst cases) the difficulty of 20%.

For this reason, there is no a unique answer to the question 'how difficult is a course' is; everybody has its own parameters and sensations that also depend on your training  level, so the difficulty index is considered an indicative value.

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Explanation of guided tours characteristics

To help you choosing a guided tour, in addition to the degree of difficulty, we ranked the tours according to the following parameters: Landscape, Nature, Art and History.

The trail winds through panoramic paths from which you can admire some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan countryside.

The tour takes place predominantly in wooded areas or crosses areas of important naturalistic interest such as parks or nature reserves.

Art and history
During the tour you will find places of great historical and artistic interest such as medieval villages, abbeys, churches and castles.

² Max participants: 6 For more information contact us at
Characteristics of the guided tours 4
Art and history

From Saline you see the river Cecina, awesome with its crystalline waters, and then you start the climb to Volterra along the wooded Nature Reserve of Berignone, a challenge for even the fittest riders. Cycling on roads that run through the rolling hills of Volterra countryside, we pass the village of Mazzola that stands on top of a hill, and continue in the direction of Volterra.

Once in Volterra, we will be taking the entrance of what was the ancient route of the old railway Saline - Volterra. Built around 1909 with a bold project, the railway was opened in 1912, and until 1958 it was the main connection between Saline and Volterra. It was about 8.5 km long and had some unique technical features. In particular, the locomotive was always located downhill in respect to the carriages but with the "face" directed "uphill", so that the carriages were pushed uphill, and when going downhill, the engine was pulling to prevent the train going too fast. Furthermore, because of the slope in the vicinity of Volterra , there was a form of gear system to help the train to climb. The railroad remained in operation until 1958 and was finally dismantled in 1962.

Today you can still see the building that housed the Volterra station, and the 4 tollbooths that you meet on the way down. From here, after a short refreshment stop, we will start a fantastic and almost interminable descent to return to the starting point while enjoying the incredible views of the countryside of Volterra.

How to to take part on the guided tours
  • Starting point in Saline di Volterra at 9,00am. The exact coordinates of the starting point will be communicated via email.
  • Upon request it is possible to do a refreshment stop during or at the end of the tour (not included in the price of the tour and is at the expense of the participant).
  • Expected return by 15.00.
  • Attention. Schedules are subject to change. The return time is a guide only.
Important things to know before you book a tour
General Terms
  • Payment in cash at the start of the tour. We do not accept credit cards.
  • For amounts equal to or exceeding € 200.00 is required a deposit of 20% to be paid by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the confirmation document that you will receive via email at time of reservation.
  • Reservation required within 48 hours (two days before the departure date of the tour).
  • Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult (parent / tutor)
  • iBikeMontaione reserves the right to change with or without notice, before and during the tour the logistical organisation and the type of route depending on the weather conditions, ability and preparation of the participants, or other problems.
  • If the weather is questionable, please send us an sms (if possible via Whatsup it's free!) at the number +39 346 7623211 one day prior to the start time to confirm the tour status.
Tour rules

Our guided mountain bike tours take place mainly on beautiful off-road routes, allowing us to reach places unreachable by any other means and to enjoy unique landscapes in contact with nature.
However, although they are relatively easy, they may have some more technical features that require a bit of technique when riding a mountain bike.

For these reasons, to participate in a guided tour, whether you choose to do it with a traditional or an electric mountain bike, it is necessary - in addition to being in good physical condition - to be able to ride a bicycle on dirt roads and to know the use of the gear and brakes.

  • Always choose clothing suitable for the type of route and weather conditions. The use of slippers or sandals is not allowed.
  • The water bottle is not supplied. It is therefore important to have a backpack to carry 1 or more bottles of water.
  • During the tours, the guide must not be exceeded.
  • Given the length of the tour, to participate, we recommend a good level of training, spirit of sacrifice and ability to pedal for long distances uphill.
  • Read also our tips to ride safely.

For this reason, a liability assumption will be required during the booking process of a guided tour.


iBikemontaione does not have a physical store. All our services are managed online, please contact us exclusively through our website.
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For further information about guided tours, please send us an email to or contact:
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cell. 3467623211(English spoken)
or send an sms only via WhatsApp

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Mtb guided tour rates*

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If you just like to enjoy the ride and the landscape
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* Rates are per participants

Do you need a bike?

Rent a bike at the special rate for guided tours.
Mtb € 26 -50% € 13/ per bike
E-Mtb € 48 -50%€ 24/ per bike
Helmet (optional) Free/ per helmet
Damage insurance (Mtb) € 3/ per bike
Damage insurance (e-Mtb) € 5/ per bike

Up to 4 mtb delivery at the starting of the tour and pick up at the end of the tour for free. For more than 4 mtb please request a quote.

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It's all about mountainbiking in Tuscany

Leave the words aside, and let yourself be guided by emotions, feel small in the immensity of these areas and at the same time as if, for a moment, the world was yours, shrouded by that particular feeling of peace and being amazed by the beauty that only Tuscan countryside is able to give.

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E-mtb Scott Aspect e-ride

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